The African pharmaceutical market is growing at an exponential rate, with revenues expected to exceed 40 Billion USD in 2020. The growth has been fuelled by the expansion of the middle class, increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and the improved regulatory environment in most countries. However, the growth of the local industry has been slow. There are currently about 300 manufacturing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa; 128 in Nigeria, 68 in South Africa, 42 in Kenya and 32 in Ghana. Local companies account for only about 30% of demand. There is, therefore, tremendous opportunity for foreign companies in the entire medicine supply value chain i.e. from conducting pre-clinical and clinical studies, to registering, marketing and distributing pharmaceuticals and health products to the burgeoning private sector as well as the public health sector.

Africa: A continent of opportunity for pharma and patients, McKinsey & Company (2015)

Africa is 54 distinct markets, with wide gaps between countries in terms of market size, economic profile, legal and political complexities. Therefore, the major challenges for foreign pharmaceutical companies have been the varying and often complex registration requirements for market authorization and limited capacity and number of regulatory officers working on applications. Furthermore, the lack of competent local personnel to facilitate the registration on behalf of foreign companies often leads to registration delays. These factors among others have made it very difficult for companies to penetrate the market in Africa. Registration can take anywhere from 6 to 24 months depending on the country, regulatory competence, and strategy of the applicant. This notwithstanding, companies with the right approach should be able to capture competitive advantage. We at Pharmakine Limited pride ourselves in possessing the local knowledge and experience to assist foreign companies to navigate the African pharmaceutical landscape and therefore minimize delays in market entry. We provide bespoke and customized solutions for each client’s needs be they market intelligence, facilitating registration/market authorization, marketing and distribution, technology transfer to local partners or building up a market presence.

About Pharmakine Limited.

Pharmakine Limited is located in Pretoria, South Africa (registration 2011/011568/07). From our strategic location and leveraging on a wide technical and industry network, we offer consultancy and training services throughout Africa, in the pharmaceutical industry, health programmes, and relevant business systems. We assist companies globally to understand registration requirements in Africa and have access to distributors in order to market their products and participate in tenders.

Track record.

Since our inception in 2011, Pharmakine Ltd has provided an end-to-end solution to industry clients needing to register, market and distribute pharmaceutical, biological, complementary medicine, and health and nutritional products. We have specifically addressed the market intelligence, registration, importation, storage, distribution and marketing needs of our clients. Our geographical reach includes key African markets including Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. We have a diverse team of personnel with experience in the pharmaceutical and health industry in the big African markets in which we work. We understand the regulatory framework and take advantage of various regional harmonization schemes to reduce delays in market authorization and entry.  As an Africa business, we have a thorough understanding of the African market and policy landscape and we are involved in both the private health sector as well as the public/government sector.

Forge partnerships.

Pharmakine Ltd serves as local business partners for global pharmaceutical companies and to help them navigate the continent’s many markets, with their widely varying consumer preferences, price points, manufacturing and distribution infrastructures, and ultimately helping them develop a market for their Africa brand. We continuously monitor the business environment, provide market intelligence, advise clients on business strategies that favour their products and communicate changes in local requirements and policies. We work with partners including EDNA/Medwell, Skyfarm, PharmaConnect and Xtramed to deliver on for our clients. We are also familiar with local incentives schemes which can be tapped into to facilitate market entry and reduce costs.

Our Mission

To be at the forefront of building up the African pharmaceutical industry by facilitating strategic and mutually-beneficial partnership to increase access to good quality essential medicines and healthcare products for all Africans.

Our Values

Ubuntu (Nguni Bantu term which encompasses “Humanity, Respect, Accountability, Ethicality and Integrity”)